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Most recently many people worldwide talk about the feeling of living barefoot - we have it:
Swiss Barefoot Sock. The true, genuine, new barefoot feeling with cut protection.

The Swiss Barefoot Sock is made from bielastic knitted fabric using kevlar as the main component. There are shoes that proclaim the barefoot feeling recently. Shoes can not do so naturally, a sole separates the foot from the ground and they also don't protect against injuries: Both can only the "Swiss Protection Sock", do not be mislead! Even the word is not correct because they all have a sole, they are shoes and in no way whatever no sole gives a barefoot feeling, the Swiss Protection Sock does. Moreover another unique characteristic is the resistance against cut and protection against abrasion if used on recommended grounds. They are 5-toe socks and they provide a good natural grip. If you buy them your choice is well done, please read more on our website:

Surprisingly recent research has shown that “normal” shoes, even the modern high tech sports shoes are not as healthy for your joints, the muscles and the vertebral column as living barefoot. The whole innervations’ system of the muscles and tendons is regulated naturally in contrast to what happens with shoes. The Swiss Protection Sock is without stitching and no sole. The sole region is, however, reinforced by laminated pimples.
You will also see that your walking motion moves away from the heel more to the hypothenar region and that is the motion of how we walked and ran in ancient times. No cuts anymore and that means more security when living barefoot on land, water, all sorts of sports
and for diabetics and people under anticoagulation. You feel the “world” on which you walk, run, and do sports in a new way and you are protected against cuts.

SPS is suitable for:
- “Outdoor on soft ground"
- Track across the fields, sandy paths, forest paths, sandy beach, gardens
- Water sports, board sports, swimming (protecting from cuts caused by shells, corals, stones)

SPS is not suitable for:
- Tarmac roads, paths with sharp obstacles, rocky paths to a limited extent
- Water sports where there are sea urchins (not sting-proof)
- As no sole, not suitable as footwear for lengthy walking and hiking with abrasive movement
- For reasons of liability law, we request that you comply with this specification.
- Not suitable for Surf- or Windsurf- Boards with rough “sanded “ surface with abrasion like asphalt

Special note
The Swiss Protection Sock is made using a knitted fabric where the principal yarn is one of the most resistant materials: Kevlar.But as with all knitted fabrics (stockings, pullover, wool socks etc) the knitting loops are extremely sensitive against pullout if you get caught on any even small hooking object. When you move away from such object the loop may be ruptured. Even one ruptured loop will open a hole at neighbour loops.We can not give any liability for such holes occurring in the use of the Swiss protection Sock.
The label of the sock is sealed to prevent it being unfolded and tried on. This is done for medical and hygienic reasons. Swiss Protection Socks that have been tried on can be infected with foot or nail fungus. Therefore, we cannot sell returned socks once they have been tried on. We therefore cannot take back or exchange socks with a broken seal.
For reasons of liability law, we request that you comply with this specification.

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