What does the SPS protect?
The aim to construct the SPS was to create absolute barefoot feeling in combination with a protection against cuts. That is the major difference of the SPS in comparison to shoes with a sole. Some companies use the word “barefoot shoe” for their products but such a thing does not exist, either barefoot or shoe.

How cut resistant is the SPS?
Test people have used the SPS over months in all sorts of daily outdoor barefoot living. Most of the activities  were board sport and beach sport, but also running on soft ground. They all reported good protection against all sorts of injuries apart from puncture which cannot be secured by knitted fabrics.
Technically the cut protection was tested by the German TÜV where it got a grade II test result. The responsible technician told us that this is sufficient for the protection claims by the Swiss Barefoot Company set for the SPS.
The SPS is “cut resistant” but not “cut proof” analogous to the water exposure of watches.

How to determine the right size for the SPS?
Use a meter and place it on the floor against the wall. Put your foot on the meter with the heel against the wall and measure the length of your foot to the thumb in cm. Compare this number to the sizes
given in the Shop.
Please be advised that the SPS is a bit elastic. Therefore, each SPS stretches over about + 2 cm compared to your foot length measured. Your size choice depends upon the feeling desired. If you like a tougher feeling take a smaller size, if you like it more loose take a corresponding size. Please realize that the SPS, however, should not be too loose in order to give a good fit.
Another good technique is to measure the circumference of your fist, it should almost be the same length as your foot!

38-39 E, 24½ cm, 4½-5.5 UK, 5-6½ US
40-41 E, 26 cm
42-43 E, 27 cm, 7½-8 ½ UK, 8½-9½ US
44-45 E, 28½ cm, 9-10 UK, 10-11 US
46-47 E, 31 cm

Is the SPS Sockette available in other sizes?
No yet. Other sizes are in planning.

Does the SPS protect against puncture?
No, it does not. Since it is a knitted fabric with pore it cannot resist punctures. Worldwide there is no puncture resistant fabric yet available.

Is the SPS also suitable for walking on asphalt streets?
We do have customers who do so in NYC, London, Hamburg and other cities, but the risk is hat the PVC pimples in the sole area are rapidly abused, the knitted fabric however holds longer. But we do not recommend such a use, if you do so you do it at your own risk and we are not responsible for any premature damage.
The SPS is excellently suited for running on soft ground like forest tracks or sandy beaches. For example many use them for volley ball and they do only fill minimally with sand, just knock it off the sand after use or wash them. However, the fine material of garden mould goes through the pores of the SPS although injury protection is given.

Can the SPS be used in sea water?
Yes, many board and water sport people around the world use them. Please wash after use carefully with sweet water by hand. Machine washing at 30 degree is also recommended, but don’t tumble. Don’t dry in sun or heat.

Why is the SPS yet only available in the current design?
The cut resistance of the SPS is given by the ARAMIDE/ KEVLAR yarn and until only recently this yarn was exclusively available from the synthesis procedure in yellow. Long exposure to sunlight makes it somewhat orange.
The current design, however, has found friends all over the world for whom the protection is much more important than the design.
We currently work on an ARAMIDE/KAVLAR yarn which could be stained and this will give us the opportunity to vary the design. We hope that it will be available in 2013 after extensive testing.

What is the difference between SPS and so called „barefoot shoes”
The SPS is not a shoe, it has not a sole and gives therefore the perfect barefoot feeling. The so called “barefoot shoes”, however, do not give a true barefoot feeling due to the sole which separates the foot from the ground.
Walking and running barefoot is a new worldwide trend since it was found out by University research that it allows a more natural movement than any shoe, being barefoot is even more healthy for the body than the ultramodern sports shoes from most of the well known sports industry companies.
The SPS is worldwide unique in offering a barefoot movement and feeling with protection, but it is not seen as a competitor to whatever shoes in general. The SPS has its own value due to its intention and construction.
Each person will have to find the right footwear for any given situation in life.

Is the SPS watertight?
No, a knitted fabric is not water tight. Currently, we work on a thin titanium neoprene sock to be worn under the SPS to make them watertight and to give a thermal isolation.

Will there be bigger sizes than 44/ 45?
Yes, in may 2012 the size 46/47 will be available.

Don’t fold the upper part of the SPS over the lower part. This will damage the red knitted symbol.

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